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Within this site, you will find information about this Class Action, your options, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Court has entered an Order certifying this lawsuit as a class action and defined the Settlement Class as individuals employed by AppleIllinois Applebee’s restaurants as tipped employees at any time from October 6, 2003 through the conclusion of this lawsuit.

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To obtain a Notice or Exclusion Request Form, please click on the links below:


Exclusion Request Form

Your Legal Rights and Options

Option Result Due Date
Exclude yourself: You may ask to exclude yourself from the Class and keep your rights to sue on your own about the claims in the lawsuit. 10/12/2010
Do nothing: Keep the possibility of getting money or benefits that may come from a trial or a settlement. But, you give up any rights to sue AppleIlllinois separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit.  

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Current Status: Class Certification Granted